Chalvey Roads

Latest news

Work has now finished on the junction of Montem Lane / Ledgers Road and also on Chalvey Road East near the railway bridge. We have widened the pavement outside Swan Court to make it easier for pedestrians crossing Chalvey Road East to see the oncoming traffic and taken away the last of the temporary red and white bollards. We hope that this area looks much smarter and is safer for pedestrians.

Work will soon be starting in the following areas:

  • changing the one way directions on Martin Road and College Avenue
  • improving the pedestrian crossing point at the end of Ledgers Road outside the Co-op
  • giving priority back to Ragstone Road at it's junctions with Martin Road (when it’s direction is changed to southbound) and Kings Road
  • planting trees and shrubs at various locations to improve the general environment.

As always if you have any questions or would like to discuss the changes in Chalvey, please contact us on the email address or call us on 01753 475111.

Update November 2012

The permanent Traffic Regulation Orders for all the one way systems and cycle lanes in Chalvey have now been sealed. This means that they are no longer an experiment but are made legally permanent which is what the council decided to do back in the Cabinet meeting of 16 July 2012 (see below for further details under the heading Consultation Results).

Work has begun on the junction of Montem Lane with Ledgers Road. We will try to keep the disruption to a minimum by working outside of peak traffic times but apologise for any inconvenience while these works take place. We aim to be finished before the end of December at the latest.

In the new year, we intend to continue work on the Montem Lane / Ledgers Road junction by putting in a Zebra pedestrian crossing. You can see a copy of the plan here. We hope this will make the journey across this junction much better for pedestrians. Again, we will try to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Update August 2012

Since the Council’s Cabinet decided in July 2012 to keep the one way system (see consultation results below), we have been developing the plans for the permanent layout in Chalvey. We have based these plans on the comments we received from residents during the public consultation.

We will work on each road in Chalvey separately to minimise further disruption and we have decided to start with Ledgers Road. This is because we’ve had a number of reports of ‘near misses’ at its junction with Montem Lane, due to drivers failing to give way.

Letters and plans will be sent to Ledgers Road and Hillside residents by Friday 28th September. This information is also available here:

We will not be sending letters to all Chalvey residents again because this uses a lot of paper but we will put up yellow signs around Chalvey when there are new plans to view on the website so please check regularly to see what we’ve got planned next. Any updates or changes and information about when works will start on site will also be on this website..

Consultation results

Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to respond to the consultation questionnaire regarding the Chalvey experimental road scheme. We really appreciated hearing everybody’s views and ideas on how we could improve or change the scheme. We processed all the questionnaires that were received and produced a report which represented all of that information. Please note that the appendices form a large document (31 MB).

If you know someone who does not have internet access but would still like to view the report, please contact us on 01753 475111 and we would be happy to arrange that for you.

Slough Borough Council’s Cabinet met on Monday 16th July to consider the report and the results of the consultation. Their final decision was to keep the one way systems on Ragstone Road, Ledgers Road, Chalvey Road East and Chalvey Road West. However, they have asked us to investigate ways in which we can make the scheme better before anything is made permanent. 

We have taken into account all the recurring themes of the questionnaire responses such as the need for a bus service in Chalvey, better pedestrian crossing points and improvements to certain junctions. We will now be working on a detailed design for the permanent scheme over the summer and will be asking for residents’ opinions again at some point during the autumn.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us on