Working with the council

Procurement describes the way we aquire the goods, services and works it needs to provide services to the people of Slough. This can be anything from buying pens and paper to financing major construction projects or commissioning social care services.

Working with us

We are keen to make sure our suppliers reflect the area’s diversity and encourage as many businesses as possible to apply for our contracts. We have developed a guide for those businesses that have no prior experience of contact with the council as a purchasing organisation and want to know how they can do business with us:

We have also signed up to the National Procurement Concordat for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME's). This will give you an understanding of our committment to working with local small and medium sized businesses:

Prompt payment

Our standard payment terms for suppliers is 28 days. Small and Medium Sized businesses (SME's) and suppliers with an SL postcode are processed within 7 days.

Standard terms and conditions

The council has a standard set of terms and conditions for its suppliers: