Co-production group contract

Group aims

  • shape local health and social care services
  • really listen and engage with local people
  • make decisions about services together
  • work with and engage the wider community.

As a member of the network I will: 

  • use my experience to help find solutions
  • work as part of a team
  • learn from the group
  • actively listen
  • make sure the language I use is inclusive (no jargon!)
  • respect different opinions and ideas
  • represent the views and experiences of people in my community
  • not talk about things outside the meeting that are confidential
  • ask if I need help to understand or contribute
  • attend meetings as often as I can
  • champion co-production.

As a team, we will:

  • work together
  • respect and support each other
  • focus on solutions
  • take it in turns to speak
  • make sure everyone has a chance to speak, if they want to
  • understand some subjects might be sensitive for some members
  • make sure that everyone understands
  • welcome questions
  • take a holistic approach.