Co-production jargon buster

Jargon buster

ABCD - Asset Based Community Development – a way of working with the community to think about the good things that are available, instead of focusing on what might be missing.

ADASS – Directors of Adult Social Care Services, is a network of leaders from Council adult social care services.

ASC - Adult Social Care 

ASCOF (Adult Social Care Outcome Framework) – this is a national survey that measures how well care and support services achieve the outcomes that matter most to people.

Autism Spectrum - includes all diagnosis of autism, including Asperger’s.

BAME - Black and Minority Ethnic

Better Care Fund - Pooled budget between health and Social Care

Care Act - The Care Act is a law that aims to ensure the wellbeing of people in need of care and support services. It also aims to bring about the personalisation of care services, putting the person at the centre of the process.

CCG - Clinical Commissioning Group - the NHS organisation responsible for planning and commissioning of health care services for their local area.

Commissioning - Buying a service

Coronavirus Act 2020 - This is an Act of the Parliament that grants the government emergency powers to handle the COVID-19 pandemic

CPE - Common point of entry

DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service

Direct Payments - is when someone receives the money for the care and support in order to arrange it for themselves, rather than the Council arranging it for them.

Domiciliary care - This is when you have paid carers help you at home with things like getting washed and dress, taking medication and preparing meals.

Extra Care - Housing with care and support

Freedom of Information requests - when a member of the public requests information from a public authority. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires public authorities to provide information.

Hoarding – is when people excessively collect and store items.

Integration Plan – How the NHS and social care come together to plan and spend money of services.

Integrated Care System (ICS) – a partnership between NHS organisations, local authorities and other services within a geographical area.

LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender

Local Account - A document produced by Local Authorities that looks back at local Health and Social Care services in the past year.

Mayor – the figure head of the council.

MECC - Making Every Contact Count – a Public Health training initiative.

Models of Care - Delivering the right care for the level of need.

PDG - Priority Delivery Group – these are meetings that feed into the Wellbeing Board.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – this is things like aprons, gloves and masks to protect the wearer from infections.

Protocol – is a set of rules. 

Ring fenced - When money can only be spent on certain things.

Statutory priorities – when the government tells the council what they have to do.

Strategy is a plan of what is going to happen and why.

SUR – Slough Urban Renewal is a partnership between Slough Borough Council and Morgan Sindall Investments Limited to develop land and property in Slough.

TEC is Technology Enabled Care. This refers to assistive technology like pendant alarms, door sensors, apps to support long term health conditions etc.

VCS - Voluntary and Community Sector