Product recalls

Update on Investigation

The following has been released:
Independent investigation finds no further action required on fridge freezer model
An investigation into the fridge freezer involved in the Grenfell Tower fire has confirmed there is no need for further action.
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Product recalls

Important product recalls are below

2016.09.16 Recall: All cheese produced by Errington Cheese Ltd recalled

The following notice has been issued by the Food Standards Agency:

The Food Standards Agency is alerting consumers to the recall of all cheese produced by Errington Cheese Ltd. A number of different types of cheese produced by the company have tested positive for potentially harmful strains of E.coli, including E.coli O157.

Batches of Dunsyre Blue and Lanark White cheese produced by Errington Cheese Ltd had already been recalled by Food Standards Scotland but this has now been extended to include all cheese products. Errington Cheese Ltd largely distributes its products in Scotland. However, we are aware that some products may have been supplied to food businesses in England.

Product details
All batch codes and pack sizes of the following products are being recalled:

  • Lanark Blue
  • Lanark White
  • Dunsyre Blue
  • Dunsyre Baby
  • Maisie's Kebbuck
  • Cora Linn
  • Sir Lancelot

The use-by dates are not known but these products could have been purchased up until Thursday 15 September 2016.

Symptoms caused by E. coli O157 can include abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea, and haemolytic uremic syndrome, a serious condition that can lead to kidney failure and can be fatal. Current FSA advice is that vulnerable groups including pregnant women, children and the elderly should not consume any raw, unpasteurised milk and dairy products such as cheese made from unpasteurised milk because of the increased risk of food poisoning.

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