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The following has been released:
Independent investigation finds no further action required on fridge freezer model
An investigation into the fridge freezer involved in the Grenfell Tower fire has confirmed there is no need for further action.
More information from department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


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2017.04.26 Safety Notice: B&Q - various lights (update)

The following notice has been issued by the retailer:

PLEASE NOTE: this is an update of a recall notice issued by B&Q in February

IMPORTANT - B&Q has been made aware that in some circumstances there is a risk of falling parts from the light fittings listed below, potentially causing injury.

These images are illustrative only. Models may vary in shape, size and number of bulbs. If you have a fitting with similar shades please check the list below.

The products affected were offered for sale between February 2014 and March 2017.

Despite rigorous quality control procedures it has been brought to B&Q's attention the lamp shade rings on some models of the ranges of lights may fracture, permitting the shade to fall from the fitting and present a risk of injury.

If you have purchased one of these products which uses the cast metal shade ring pictured below please remove the shade and ring immediately on any affected light fittings, using the original tool supplied, ensuring lights are cool first. If you require a replacement fitting tool to do so, please contact our helpline number below. Please avoid the potential fall zone until you are able to remove the lampshades.

Shades with this cast metal ring must be removed:

Cast metal ring

If your light has this steel ring it is safe to use:

Pressed steel ring

Please find instructions below. Once the shade rings and shades have been removed ceiling light fittings are safe to continue using as normal. Other wall or table lights must not be used with shades removed, due to accessibility of hot bulbs. If you have any difficulties removing the shades or identifying the rings contact the helpline below.

Please contact our helpline to provide your details and B&Q will send you a replacement ring fitting kit.

Light shade removal 

For further queries or to request a remedial kit contact the helpline:

UK: 0300 3034482 ROI: 1800 946327*

*Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm

B&Q thank you for your co-operation.

B&Q plc, B&Q House, Chestnut Avenue, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3LE

Full list of affected products
April 3 light semi flush brushed gold - BARCODE 5052931672769
Areto 1 light table lamp - BARCODE 5014838507643
Areto 3 light semi flush light - BARCODE 5014838508725
Areto 5 light pendant chrome - BARCODE 5014838507605
Areto 5 light semi flush chrome - BARCODE 5014838507582
Ashby 1 light wall light - BARCODE 5014838673683
Ashby 3 light semi flush light - BARCODE 5014838673447
Atrium 5 light pendant brushed chrome - BARCODE 5014838065495
Atrium 6 light downlight ice cube glass flush LEDs - BARCODE 5014838073254
Atrium 6 light ice cube glass semi flush LEDs - BARCODE 5014838073247
Atrium 6 light rectangle plate ice cube pendant - BARCODE 5014838072998
Atrium 5 light pendant - BARCODE 05263981
Balestra espirit 3 light metal floor lamp - BARCODE 5052931065905
Borrello 1 light table lamp - BARCODE 5052931475476
Borrello 1 light table lamp - BARCODE 5052931672875
Borrello 3 light semi flush - BARCODE 5052931475599
Borrello 5 light pendant - BARCODE 5052931475544
Borrello 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 5052931475582
Bromley 3 light ceiling lamp - BARCODE 5052931683826
Bromley 3 light semi flush - BARCODE 5014838615775
Bromley 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 5014838615782
Cloe 2 light wall lamp - BARCODE 5052931672738
Cloe 2 light wall lamp brushed gold effect - BARCODE 5052931672776
Cloe 3 light ceiling lamp - BARCODE 5052931672745
Cloe 3 light semi flush brushed gold effect - BARCODE 5052931672783
Cloe 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 5052931672950
Cloe 5 light semi flush brushed gold effect - 5052931672790
Condorce ceramic spotlight round 3 light porcelain - BARCODE 5052931062249
Condorce ceramic spotlight bar 4 light - BARCODE 5052931065950
Danos 5 light chrome clear glass pendant - BARCODE 5014838072868
Danos single chrome clear glass pendant - BARCODE 5014838072851
Ferro 3 light glass ceiling lamp - BARCODE 5052931672813
Ferro 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 5052931672899
Icetube 4 light bar spotlight - BARCODE 5014838070758
Icetube 4 light square spotlight - BARCODE 5014838070772
Icetube 6 light plate spotlight - BARCODE 5014838070765
Jessica silver effect 1 light table - BARCODE 5014838516560
Jessica silver effect 2 light wall - BARCODE 5014838516584
Jessica silver effect 3 light floor - BARCODE 5014838516577
Jessica silver effect 3 light semi-flush - BARCODE 5014838516607
Jessica silver effect 5 light pendant - BARCODE 5014838516591
Kapista 1 light spot chrome - BARCODE 5397007176599
Kapista 3 light spot round chrome - BARCODE 5397007176070
Kapista 4 light spot bar chrome - BARCODE 5397007176582
Karp 3 light semi flush - BARCODE 05264018
Karp 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 05264025
Karp 5 light angled glass semi flush - BARCODE 5014838073155
Karp double wall light angled glass - BARCODE 5014838073162
Karp double wall light- BARCODE 05264094
Karp 3 light angled glass semi flush - BARCODE 5014838073148
Navaria 3 light semi flush - BARCODE 03637166
Oslo 4 light rise & fall clear/opal pendant - BARCODE 5014838072912
Oslo 5 light clear opal glass pendant - BARCODE 5014838072905
Reef touch table light - BARCODE 3663602060468
Reef touch table lamp chrome glass shade - BARCODE 03665282
Safiyah rose table lamp - BARCODE 5052931182404
Safiyah 5 light rose fitting - BARCODE 5052931182428
Safiyah rose floor lamp - BARCODE 5052931182411
Samba 5 light pendant & LEDs - BARCODE 5014838073063
Spyral chrome effect 3 light semi flush - BARCODE 5014838509951
Spyral chrome effect 3 light floor - BARCODE 5014838512562
Spyral chrome effect 2 light table - BARCODE 5014838512357
Spyral chrome effect 5 light semi flush - BARCODE 5014838509968
Strata 4 light oval glass plate semi flush - BARCODE 5014838072943
Strida 1 light glass flush - BARCODE 5014838075203
Tempest 6 light semi flush - BARCODE 5014838458105
Wavell 5 light tiered semi flush - BARCODE 5014838072752
Zomba 9 light gloss opal globe glass - BARCODE 5014838073087

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