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Update on Investigation

The following has been released:
Independent investigation finds no further action required on fridge freezer model
An investigation into the fridge freezer involved in the Grenfell Tower fire has confirmed there is no need for further action.
More information from department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Product recalls

Important product recalls are below

2017.07.31 Recall: Recaro - Zero.1 child car seat

The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

Voluntary replacement program for the Recaro Zero.1 seat

Recaro Child Safety is proactively implementing a replacement program for its Recaro Zero.1 child seat. Only seats from a specific, clearly defined production lot are affected. The replacement program is free of charge for customers.

In the course of regular quality control inspections, Recaro Child Safety has found a deviation in a specific, clearly defined production lot of the Recaro Zero.1 child seat that does not conform to the high quality standards of Recaro Child Safety.

In the affected seats, the belts that hold the child in the seat could become loose under certain conditions. This could possibly lead to a safety impairment if the seat is used in the car facing towards the direction of travel.

This loosening of the belts is attributed to an error in the production of the belt adjuster. This error only affects the Recaro Zero.1 model and only a specific, clearly defined production lot. All other Recaro Child Safety products are not affected by this problem.

As a responsible company, Recaro Child Safety has decided to proactively initiate a replacement program. Customers who own a product with the corresponding serial number will be sent a new Recaro Zero.1 seat free of charge. Until the replacement model arrives, the old seat should only be used in the rear-facing position - that is, facing away from the direction of travel.

Using the serial number of their seat, customers can use the online tool at to determine whether their product is affected and if so, directly register for the replacement program. The serial number can be found on the label on the underside of the Recaro Zero.1 seat. They can find more information about the replacement program on the Recaro Child Safety website at Recaro Child Safety has also set up a hotline to answer questions. The service team is available daily from 5am to 9pm and can be reached on Freephone number 0800 0830 128. English and German speakers are available.

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