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Coronavirus community help

Joining forces as one to coordinate Covid-19 care

Updated: 12 March 2021

Slough Borough Council has joined forces with Slough Council for Voluntary Service, SCVS, to coordinate an army of volunteers to help people in the borough. The coordinated approach will enable the community to access help and advice. It will also provide a centralised place for people wanting to help by volunteering.

Community, voluntary, faith, charities, the council as well as other public sector partners will be operating as one.

The collaboration will focus on:

  • making sure organisations such as foodbanks have the supplies and volunteers they need
  • co-ordinating transport for supplies like food and medicine
  • providing a trusted source of information about Covid-19.


Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered. 

Please volunteer to become a Community Champion. Our Community Champions help us to get relevant public health messages out to all the residents in Slough. Slough CVS also communicate with Community Champions when we need volunteers, so please sign up on Slough CVS's website.

If people want to help there is also the option to donate funds on the website which will go directly to helping people in the borough.