Coronavirus effects on council services


Parking enforcement has been reinstated across the borough after it was relaxed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Since Monday 22 June, we have been issuing motorists parking illegally with a warning notice. Full penalty notices have been issued since Monday 29 June. We will issue Penalty Charge Notices for motorists: 

  • parked in residents’ bays
  • parked in loading bays
  • on double yellow lines
  • in pay and display bays without a valid ticket
  • in disabled bays without a blue badge
  • on single yellow lines
  • on keep clear markings
  • parked in bus stops
  • parked on school keep clear markings

Bus lanes enforcement has also been in place since June.

All council car parks are also open with standard fees. Payment machines being cleaned multiple times a day.

Fines can be paid via the online service.