Coronavirus guidance for businesses

Page updated: 01 April 2022

Latest business guidance 

COVID-19 remains a public health issue, and guidance for workplaces is being replaced with public health advice.

If you have any queries about what you need to do please contact us via

Self-isolation rules have changed

Staff who test positive for COVID 19 no longer legally have to self-isolate.  However, there is NHS guidance on how you can prevent spreading the virus on to others.


Vaccinations are an important part of the controls we have in place to prevent the spread of COVID. Please encourage your staff to take up their vaccinations and boosters.

Additional Guidance

The government has produced guidance on Living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

The main recommendations are to:

  • encourage vaccination
  • ensure indoor places (including workplaces) are well ventilated.
  • maintain the basics of good hygiene
  • wear face covering in certain circumstances.