Court summons during lockdown

You cannot attend court in person due to Covid restrictions.

If you would like to discuss or query your summons, please either:

  • email - include the subject field Summons and your account number
  • go to the council tax page to make a council tax enquiry - the subject field must read Summons and include your account number
  • contact Customer Services on 01753 475111.

Please do not attend the court in person on the hearing date, as neither council staff nor court staff will be available to assist you.

Court security may not be able to grant you access to the court building and you may be turned away. You would then be unable to appear by video link on the day or in person and your hearing is likely to continue without you.

All hearings must be arranged with the council in advance and will be over the live link. 

If you wish to challenge the liability order please contact our offices in advance so suitable arrangements can be made for you to appear by remote link.