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Mass rapid testing

There are two types of covid testing being offered to residents in Slough:

  1. Tests for people with no symptoms – mass rapid testing
  2. Tests for people with symptoms – PCR testing

Here you can find information on mass rapid testing and how to get a rapid test in Slough.

Why take the rapid test

Slough’s covid rates remain one of the highest in the country and while other areas’ rates decrease, our rates are not falling.

It is now advised that everyone without symptoms gets a covid test twice a week to help stop transmission and provide reassurance as lockdown eases.

  • It is quick and easy and results within 30 minutes.
  • You can do them yourself at home by picking up home kits or get expert help at one of our free, local testing centres.
  • They will help to stop the spread of coronavirus, protect our local community and get back to the things we love.

Aims of the rapid test scheme

Through this scheme, we aim to identify people who do not have Covid-19 symptoms but who are infectious and could spread the infection to others unknowingly. Identifying and supporting infectious people to isolate before they develop symptoms will help reduce spread.

The programme will also help us explore the use of new rapid testing technology and the potential application in a range of scenarios. These could include releasing key workers from quarantine, enabling children to stay at school or protecting care home residents from infection. This will help to reduce the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable.

We also will use this opportunity to make sure residents understand the covid guidance, and ensure any confusion or myths around covid restrictions or the vaccine are addressed.