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Mass rapid testing

Who can have a rapid test?

At the moment, they are only for people who do not have any symptoms. You should also not book if you are already self isolating (in your 10 day self isolating period). If you have covid symptoms and need a test go to the site.

Adults and children can receive a rapid test.

  • Young people aged 16-17: can self-swab or agree to assisted swabbing by a trained professional. They can consent to their own medical treatment without a parent or guardian present.
  • Children aged 12-15: can self-swab, or agree to assisted swabbing by a trained professional, with supervision from their parent or guardian.
  • Children 11 or under, the accompanying parent or guardian is required to administer the test on the child (they are not permitted to self-swab). The accompanying adult should only administer the swab if they are comfortable to do so.
  • In children, adults and the very elderly where throat swabbing is more difficult, or they have a very sensitive gag reflex that prohibits the throat swab from being completed successfully, a specific nasal-only swab can be used. Please ask the testing staff for instructions.