Support with PPE for COVID-19 needs

Updated: 25 February 2021

Please remember that free PPE is for COVID-19 needs only. It is not for business as usual PPE which you should source using your normal supply routes. The government has committed to provide free PPE to all adult social care services for all their COVID-19 PPE needs. You can read more information on gov.uk.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered providers

All eligible health and social care and primary care providers who can use the service will receive an email invitation to register. CQC registered providers should order COVID-19 PPE through the PPE portal.

The following organisations can use the PPE Portal:

  • GPs
  • residential social care providers
  • domiciliary social care providers
  • pharmacies
  • dentists
  • orthodontists
  • optometrists
  • children’s care homes and secure homes
  • children’s residential special schools
  • community drug and alcohol services
  • residential drug and alcohol services.

What you can order from the PPE portal

All adult social care homes and domiciliary care providers can order:

  • aprons
  • gloves
  • type IIR masks
  • hand hygiene
  • visors.

How much you can order from the PPE Portal

Full details including order limits are outlined on GOV.UK PPE page.

Help with using the PPE portal

If you require support in using the PPE Portal please call the customer service team on 0800 876 6802 . This includes:

  • problems with registering
  • problems with ordering
  • if you believe you are eligible but have not been invited.

The team is available from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week to help resolve queries.

We may need to contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC), NHS Business Services Authority (BSA), NHS England or the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to help resolve queries.

Non-CQC registered providers

Non-CQC registered providers should order COVID-19 PPE through the council.

SBC will supply some or all of the following services:

  • local authorities (including children and adult social care workers)
  • mental health community care
  • personal assistants (LA, CCG commissioned and funded through personal health budgets)
  • domestic violence refuges
  • rough sleeping services
  • social and primary care providers on the PPE portal in clinical need – for example, if there’s an increase in local COVID-19 cases or temporary difficulties accessing other distribution channels
  • Unpaid carers supporting a person living at a different address.

SBC will allocate items in line with the order limits in place for CQC registered providers that are using the PPE Portal. Please be aware that in some instances, PPE will be re-charged.

However, the amount of any re-charge to cover costs will be agreed with the requestor in advance of any allocations being made.

Requesting support for PPE

Requests for PPE supplies will be analysed in accordance with need, the availability of PPE and the national guidance.

Any requests for PPE must be made via the online form and will aim to be respond to within 24 hours during office hours using the following form:


For any queries during office hours or any other enquires relating to PPE, please email PPE@slough.gov.uk

PPE Emergencies

In an emergency, CQC providers should use the National Supply Disruption Response (NSDR) channel.

If you are a non CQC registered provider located within the Slough Borough and have 72 hours (or less) supply of PPE please complete the online form and provide us with details of your stock levels.

SBC will do our best to help you. However be aware that we have limited stocks. Please also be aware that our team work during normal office hours and are not available in the evenings or at weekends.