Information for PPE suppliers

We have received a number of requests from potential suppliers.

SBC has strict tender process for the procurement of PPE. If you are interested in becoming a supplier please ensure that you look out for tenders advertised on the OJEU tender list.

The required equipment will be to the specifications as set out by the government. The Council and its partners will not accept alternatives unless equivalent protection can be demonstrated.

Producing new PPE

To avoid disappointment please make sure that your product can actually protect people from COVID-19. No one should be at risk because their PPE has let them down. There are experts who can help you ensure that your product will be safe to use. In most instances there is no charge for this business advice.

There are different regulations which apply to PPE devices and equipment, including hand sanitiser gels. These regulations apply equally to products that are going to be sold or donated.

It is important to note there are regulations on the manufacture of PPE. There was some easement of certain regulations for the NHS and the Healthcare industry - though this was mainly to help speed up the administration - the safety of the PPE has not been compromised and must continue to meet the health and safety requirements of the legislation and manufactured in line with a relevant safety standard.


We are grateful to all organisations and individuals offering to manufacture, supply or donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to us. We currently have regular supply lines and other deliveries from central Government. Therefore we currently do not require donations at this time.


For any emergency requests during office hours or any other enquires relating to PPE, please email PPE@slough.gov.uk.