Pay scales and grades

We use the following pay scales, based on regional and national local government negotiations.

Appointment to a job with the council is usually to a particular grade within the relevant pay scale. We base progression through a grade on factors such as skills, experience, qualifications, performance and length of service. We will identify the grade and relevant salary scale for a particular job in the advert or the accompanying literature.

The Local Government Association website has further information about pay in local government.

Slough Borough Council

Local salary grades, uses the national spinal column points:

Senior management grades

These are locally agreed salary scales. We review these annually, based on the JNC pay award for chief officers, market conditions and the council's financial situation.

Soulbury grades

Soulbury grades are used for educational psychologists, advisors and inspectors. These pay and grades are determined by the Soulbury committee.

School teachers pay and grades

These pay scales relate to teachers employed by a local authority or the governing body of a foundation, voluntary aided, or foundation special school for the provision of primary or secondary education.