Energy bill rebates

How you will get your payment

You will have had an automatic payment to your bank account if you:

  • pay by direct debit and
  • made a cleared payment in April and
  • met the eligibility and verification criteria.

You would have been invited to claim if

  • you have set up a Direct Debit after April or your April payment did not clear
  • you did not meet the criteria laid out in the guidance.

Applications have now closed as of 5 August 2022.

We have now credited the Council Tax account for those who have not applied or who have not passed the verification process. You will receive a letter the week starting Monday 5 September, if your account has been credited. You can also check your account balance using the Slough Self Service portal.

If the credit has been added to your account, it will reduce the next instalment by £150 - this is the payment of the energy rebate. This will reduce your Council Tax balance. If your account goes into credit you can claim a refund of the credit amount.

Please note: We will not call and ask for bank details in connection with the rebates. If you get a call, you should report this to Action Fraud.