Energy bill rebates

Discretionary scheme

Applications for the discretionary scheme closed as of 30 November 2022.

The council’s Cabinet agreed how we will allocate the additional discretionary funds to vulnerable groups.

Additional payments will be made under the discretional scheme to households meeting the following requirements as on 1 June 2022.

A single one-off payment of £150 will be given to any household who resides in a home with a Council Tax band E-H and:

  • receives council tax reduction
  • is eligible to a reduction under the Council Tax (Reduction for Disabilities) Regulations 1992
  • is eligible to a reduction because of severe mental impairment.

The council has also agreed to make an additional single payment of £30 to any household who resides in a home with a:

  • council tax band A to D and
  • receives council tax reduction on the 1 June 2022.

You will be paid in the same way that you received the core scheme payment.

You should only have applied if you received a letter inviting you to claim. Applications have now ended as of 30 November.