Energy bill rebates

Apply for energy bill rebate

Who can apply

We will contact you from June 2022 if you did not meet the criteria laid out in the guidance for automatic payment, such as:

  • the bank account name and council tax name not matching
  • payment from a business account
  • your Direct Debit was not set up before the qualifying date
  • you do not pay by Direct Debit.

You will get a letter inviting you to apply online.

How to apply

You will need:

  • your Council Tax account number
  • your bank sort code and account details
  • your email address (if you have one). This will be used to issue a receipt to confirm we have received your completed claim form.

Please make sure you save your form as you complete it.

On the first page you will be asked to validate your account to confirm if you are an eligible household.

We use the Government’s Spotlight bank verification system to stop false claims.

Fill in your details exactly as they are shown on your bank statement, including your name and address. If your name, address or bank details are incorrect and do not match your council tax account information we may not be able to release a payment to you. 

If the verification system rejects your claim, we may need to credit the £150 to your Council Tax account. This will reduce your Council Tax balance. If your account goes into credit you can claim a refund of the credit amount.

A claim could be rejected by the Spotlight verification system if:

  • your bank doesn’t share data with the system
  • the bank account is a business account
  • the bank account is less than three months old.

Applications will close on 20 July 2022. If you are eligible to claim and have not applied by this date or your claim was not validated, we will credit your Council Tax account by £150.

If you are having difficulty completing the form please contact our energy rebates team on 01753 772220.