FOI request form

Personal Details

Description of the information you require

You can use this form to:

  • ask for information about the council,
  • make a freedom of information request or,
  • access information held by the council about you or a dependant (subject access request under the Data Protection Act).

Please provide a description of the information you would like Slough Borough Council to provide you with. If your request relates to specific documents, please provide any details of the document you may have (e.g. date of production, author etc) and its likely location (e.g. the relevant staff member, office or department). If you are uncertain how to describe the information you require, the council's information officer will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance, or direct you to others who can help (contact the information officer on: 01753 875070 or email

Slough Borough Council has the right to ask for clarification of any request for information where it does not prove possible to identify the information needed from the original description provided.
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