Five year plan

The Five Year Plan sets out:

  • the council's vision
  • our priority outcomes
  • the role of the council in making this happen

The introduction of the Five Year Plan in 2015 was important in providing clarity of vision and direction, explaining how and why the council is changing and identifying more effective and efficient ways of working together.

It is updated every year and we also produce an Annual Report so we can check progress.


Slough Borough Council Five Year Plan 2018-2023

Previous plans:


Slough Borough Council Five Year Plan 2017-2021


Slough Borough Council Five Year Plan 2016-2020


Slough Borough Council Five Year Plan 2015-2019

Vision: growing a place of opportunity and ambition

Our priority outcomes - putting people first

  • Our children and young people will have the best start in life and opportunities to give them positive lives
  • Our people will become healthier and will manage their own health, care and support needs
  • Slough will be an attractive place where people choose to live, work and visit
  • Our residents will have access to good quality homes
  • Slough will attract, retain and grow businesses and investment to provide jobs and opportunities for our residents.

Making this happen - how we will do this

  • We will listen to, and work with our communities, customers and partners
  • We will work towards being self-sufficient through innovation, income generation and maximising the value and effective use of our resources
  • We will use digital technology to provide smarter services for people and businesses
  • We will recruit, retain and develop high quality people who are committed to Slough and supported to do their job.