Local sustainable transport fund (LSTF)

Between 2012 and 2016 the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) has supported the implementation of the Smarter Travel for Slough Programme. This has not only helped to increase Slough’s connectivity and network efficiency, but has also helped promote and implement a range of travel choices for:

  • schools pupils
  • employees
  • businesses and
  • residents.

We are now bidding for the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Sustainable Travel Transition Year Revenue Funding for 2016/17. This will let us continue with sustainable transport investment to help achieve these objectives:

  • increase economic growth and employment retention, making Slough a good place to do business and a focus for future inwards investment
  • reduce CO2 emissions from road traffic; and
  • improve the health of our residents through greater air quality and an uptake of active travel.

The Sustainable Travel Transition bid documents:

Should the bid be successful, it will help us to deliver:

  1. continued workplace engagement of 25,000 employees at key employment sites on sustainable travel matters
  2. continuation of measures focused to support local people to access job and training opportunities
  3. continued schools engagement of 15,000 pupils in schools around key employment sites on sustainable travel matters
  4. marketing and promotion of sustainable travel
  5. promoting major transport schemes being delivered in Slough such as the SMaRT (Slough Mass Rapid Transit) scheme
  6. continued partnerships e.g. with SEGRO, Great Western Railway, Sustrans, Living Streets; and
  7. increased membership and uptake of the Cycle Hire Slough and Cycle Hub schemes.