Local Sustainable Transport Fund

The current school travel planning activities being undertaken in Slough are being funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). The fund was awarded to Slough by the Department of Transport and aims to reduce congestion in the town while at the same time ensuring that the economy continues to grow.

The key facts about school travel in Slough are below.

  • There are currently 21,000 pupils who attend schools in Slough.
  • Of those 21,000 pupils, currently 40 percent are driven to school. These 8,400 journeys account for 20 percent of all traffic on the roads in Slough between 8am and 9am during the week.
  • But that also means 60 percent of pupils are travelling in a sustainable manner.
  • The average distance travelled to schools is 1.7 kilometres for secondary schools and 0.8 kilometres for primary schools so there is plenty of scope for pupils to walk, cycle or scoot.
  • A relatively small number of schools generate significant and disproportionate number of trips as 15 schools account for 50 percent of  'school related traffic'.

More information on the LSTF programme can be found here.

Upton Court Grammar and other schools in Slough have worked with SBC and Living Streets to develop walking and cycling maps specifically for their school. This is the Upton Court Grammar map.