Local Transport Plan (LTP3)

Welcome to our third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) where you will find details on Slough’s long-term strategy for transport.

This LTP covers 2011 to 2026. It sets out our framework to maintain and improve the transport network and services over that time. It has been shaped by the priorities set out in our Sustainable Community Strategy.

  1. Environment - to reduce carbon emissions, protect heritage and habitats, and adapt to a changing climate.
  2. Economy and Skills – to make sure Slough remains a competitive place to do business as well as to facilitate development for new jobs and housing.
  3. Community cohesion – to improve access to opportunities such as jobs and education, and reduce social exclusion.
  4. Health and wellbeing – to encourage people to be fitter and healthier through walking and cycling, and to improve air quality and local neighbourhoods.
  5. Safer Communities – to reduce the number of road accidents and to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime.

Slough is a small and densely packed urban authority with few opportunities for significant new transport infrastructure. As we work under tight financial constraints the LTP has been developed so we provide value for money, mainly through maximising use of existing networks and services.

We will make sure we plan and deliver improvements in partnership with those responsible for delivering a wide range of services and transport, such as bus and train operators and taxi firms. This means we can deliver more targeted, effective and better value improvements to transport.

The LTP3 documents are made up of three main components:

  1. A 15 year strategy “The LTP Core Strategy” - 2011 to 2026.
  2. Supplementary Strategy Documents - which provide more detailed information on particular aspects of transport such as cycling, public transport, accessibility, and freight.
  3. LTP Implementation Plan which gives more detail about the actual transport measures we will deliver. An Interim LTP Implementation Plan was produced for 2011/12 but typically we will break these down into more manageable three-year delivery periods. The first 3-year LTP Implementation Plan covers the period 2012/13- 2014/15.

All LTPs by law must be assessed to make sure there is minimal impact on the environment, known as a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

An early draft of the LTP went through a round of consultation with stakeholders and the general public in December 2010/January 2011. Comments and suggestions were taken on board for the final version of the LTP.