Progress on the emerging 2016-2036 Local Plan

Evidence Base

Public Transport Accessibility Levels (PTAL) in Slough

This PTAL report looks at the relative accessibility of areas within the borough to public transport. “PTAL” is a well-known method used by Transport for London and boroughs across London to help plan housing densities and parking provision (TFL, 2015). It forms part of the evidence base for the Emerging Spatial Strategy, a report on which was presented to Planning Committee on 21 February 2018.

Interim Sustainability Appraisal of the Emerging Preferred Spatial Strategy

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) has been carried out to assess the extent to which the emerging Spatial Strategy will help to achieve a set of environmental, economic and social objectives.

A report on the strategy was approved at Planning Committee on 1st November 2017.

Berkshire Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA) September 2016

This report was produced jointly with the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the other Berkshire unitary authorities. It provides information about the local economy and identifies how much land may be required for employment growth over the next 20 years. The six unitary authorities will use the findings of the study, referred to as an Economic Development Needs Assessment ('EDNA') to inform Local Plan policy, and work with each other and neighbouring councils to plan for land use needs of the future economy.

  • Economic Development Needs Assessment Sept 2016

Berkshire Functional Economic Areas (FEMA) February 2016

This study preceeeded the EDNA and divided Berkshire into three smaller geographical areas (Western Berkshire, Central Berkshire and Eastern Berkshire) within which economic relationships are strongest, for example between consumers and businesses, and employers and employees. These are called Functional Economic Market Areas or FEMAs and could be described as the 'catchment areas' within which drivers of the economy and their key markets operate, they therefore cross across administrative boundaries. The second part of the study applied further analysis alongside the FEMA work to identify the future quantity of land or floorspace required for economic development both within each FEMA and Unitary Authority area. The ‘Economic Development Needs Assessment’ (EDNA) is anticipated to be published in Spring/ Summer 2016.

For more information about this process please contact Caroline Perkins at TVBLEP on 0118 945 0201 or

Berkshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) February 2016

The SHMA informs the understanding of housing markets across Berkshire and, using a range of evidence and analysis, drew conclusions about the amount and types of homes needed across the area up to 2036. The Berkshire SHMA was, in common with the EDNA, produced jointly with the other Authorities in Berkshire and the TVBLEP. The report concludes Slough Borough Council is in a ‘best fit’ Housing Market Area with Windsor and Maidenhead and South Bucks, and that Slough has an Objectively Assessed Housing Need (unconstrained demand) for 927 dwellings a year up to 2036.

SHMAs are a purely technical study of how many homes may be needed, and are the starting point for a wider discussion.

  • Presentation of findings of the Berkshire SHMA Oct 2015.   

Centre of Slough Strategy September 2015

This document sets out the council’s vision and strategy for the centre of Slough as part of its Five Year Plan for the borough. That states the council’s overall ambition is for Slough to be:

a place where people choose to live and work and where children can grow up to achieve their full potential;
one of the most attractive places to do business in the country, with excellent communications, business accommodation and a skilled and available workforce.

The geographical scope of this strategy covers a wider area than the high street and “Town Centre Area” used for planning and other purposes to date. Although it is not a planning document it is intended to be used to inform the way the centre is developed in the emerging Local Plan. This document is an extract of the strategy that was adopted by the Council in September 2015.

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP SEP May 2014

Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (TVBLEP) published its Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) in May 2014. That sets out a long-term blueprint for economic growth within the sub-region and has been used to inform the Economic Development Needs Assessment, including the sub division to three more connected areas, and how many new jobs will be created over the next few years.


The following are a record of progress reports presented to Planning Committee unless otherwise stated.

Report of public consultation on the the Issues and Options consultation document - July 2017

Purpose: to inform Members about the representations received during the consultation on the Issues and Options document from January to March 2017. It also includes the proposed high level responses to representations which will be set out in detail in the “Report on Public Consultation” which will be published.
That Committee is requested to resolve:
a) That the summary of the responses received as a result of public consultation on the Issues and Options for the Local Plan and comments set out in this report .be noted
b) That the “Report on Public Consultation” setting out the Council’s response to representations be published

Approval of Local Plan Issues and Options Document – Cabinet 21 Nov 2016

Purpose: To agree Issues and Options for the review of Slough’s Local Plan which would be the subject of public consultation.
(a) That the draft Issues and Options Document for the Review of the Local Plan for Slough (2016-2036) be approved for public consultation, with delegated powers to Officers, following consultation with the Commissioner for Housing & Urban Renewal, to make any necessary minor changes prior to publication.
(b) That delegated powers be granted to Officers, following consultation with the Commissioner for Housing & Urban Renewal, to publish a Local Development Scheme setting out a timetable for the Review of the Local Plan for Slough.
(c) That delegated powers be granted to Officers, following consultation with the Commissioner for Housing & Urban Renewal, to publish a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) setting out how the Councils stakeholders and community would be involved in preparation of Planning Policy documents.

Consultation on the Call for Sites and other sites 3rd June- 15th July 2016

This Council is currently consulting on the proposals submitted in the Call for Sites consultation. There has been no interpretation or evaluation of the proposals submitted in order to give everyone the opportunity to provide views on them.

Call for Sites 8th January - 4th March 2016

The Council held a 'Call for sites' to gather information about sites suitable for residential, employment, retail, open space or community use that can help deliver the policies of the new Local Plan.  Over 130 proposals were put forward from the public, developers, landowners or other organisations.

Intention to produce a Local Plan (Regulation 18) 4th December-15th January 2015

The Council is required to notify ‘specified bodies and persons’ of the subject of the new Plan and invite representations about what it ought to contain. The required details for this are set out in the Regulation 18 Consultation letter below. Comments on the proposed scope and content of the Local Plan DPD were reported to Planning Committee in April 2016.

Scope of Strategic cross boundary matters for Duty to Co-operate (DtC) October 2015

There is a legal requirement for Councils to engage constructively, actively and on an on-going basis both with regard to the evidence base and in the formulation of the new Local Plan. It is important to support neighbouring Authorites to do the same and the Council follows this through regular Officer and Member contact. However to ensure Slough complies with this the Council consulted on a draft Scoping Statement in October 2015 with its DtC partners. That identified the strategic cross boundary matters that are likely to arise, and an initial list of those parties the Council considered should be involved. The final statement will be available here in due course.

Planning Committees

Progress on the Local Plan is reported to Members via the Planning Committee (decisions on the Local Plan are made by Cabinet). The Planning Committee has made the following resolutions:

October 2016

Review of the Local Plan for Slough – proposed Spatial Options: resolution to note the report.

The purpose of the report was to provide an update on the proposed Spatial Options for the Review of the Local Plan which could be included in the Issues & Options consultation document.

The report set out more detail about the proposed Spatial Options designed to address what the key issues are considered to be for the review of the Local Plan.

The report sets out the critical issues of how much growth the plan is going to provide for given the shortage of land for development, the problem of congestion, and potential impact of development upon the quality of the environment.

The report notes that options that involve building in other districts would have to be progressed through the Duty to Cooperate process as they cannot be delivered through the Review of the Slough Local Plan. The doucment shows areas of search outside the Borough so that the implications of pursuing such options can be considered in the review of the plan.

November 2016

Proposed Spatial Options for the Review of the Local Plan: resolution to note the report.

The purpose of the report was to explain what the contents of the proposed Local
Plan Issues and Options Consultation document are and set out its key policies. It explains that this is not a draft plan, but a discussion document which is being put forward for public consultation.

The report set out what the overall themes of the Local Plan are and what the key policy responses could be.

It set out an aspirational vision for Slough which emphasised the need for developing Slough as a place where people want to stay. It also sets out the objectives for the plan which are intended to help develop the vision.

The report detailed the strategic ‘Spatial Options’ for the Review of the Local Plan that have been designed in response to these strategic issues. It noted that they are not yet fully worked out, but are considered meaningful options that can be used for public consultation.

September 2016

Update on Issues and Options - resolution to note the Report.

The purpose of the report was to provide an update on the work that has being taking place to develop the “Issues and Options” report for the Review of the Local Plan and seek Member’s views on the emerging ideas .

This report sets out the initial the ideas as to what the “Issues and Options” could be for the Review of the Local Plan. It shows that there are a number of possible ways in which the growth of the town could be planned over the next twenty years but also identifies the potential constraints that would have to be overcome.

Consideration needs to be given as to how these “Issues and Options” can be developed so that they can be put out for public consultation in January 2017.

August 2016

Proposed representations on adjoining Local Plans

The purpose of the report was to update Members on the work that has being taking place with adjoining authorities under the Duty to Cooperate and to seek views on Local Plans that are currently out for public consultation.

It also provided an update on the joint working that has been taking place to agree a “Vision” for the Heathrow sub-region which would apply whether or not it is decided that the third runway should go ahead.

The Committee resolved that:

  • progress on ongoing Duty To Cooperate meetings with adjoining Boroughs be noted
  • comments set out in paragraph 5.23 can be forwarded as a response to the current consultation on the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan
  • the work of the Heathrow Strategic Planning Group be noted.

April 2016

The Committee is requested to resolve that the progress on the Review of the Local Plan for Slough be noted. 

February 2016

a) South Bucks and Chiltern be thanked for consulting the Council on the new Joint Local Plan for South Bucks and Chiltern Districts;
b) the Councils should be formally requested to consider the scope in the new Joint Local Plan for an urban extension of Slough in the form of a new ‘Garden Suburb’ which will help to meet the housing needs within the area;
c) the detailed comments set out in paragraphs 5.21- 5.45 of the report be agreed and forwarded to South Bucks and Chiltern Districts in response to the Consultation;
d) Delegated powers be granted to the Planning Manager to make further detailed comments on the technical matters within the consultation document and supporting evidence base;
e) the Council would welcome the opportunity to continue to discuss planning matters in accordance with the Duty To Co-operate
f) that the note presented on the amendment sheet also be forwarded to South Bucks and Chiltern.

January 2016

a) the Housing Trajectory for Slough which will be used to determine the five year land supply be noted.
b) the possible delay in the timetable for the Review of the Local Plan as a result of the Government not making a decision about the proposal for a third runway at Heathrow be noted.

November 2015

a) the results of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, which includes an “objectively assessed” housing need figure for Slough, be noted.
b) Slough’s housing target be increased from 315 dwellings a year to 550 dwellings a year for a five year period in line with the Council’s Five Year Plan.
c) the Council should continue to work with the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and South Bucks District Council to consider how new housing could be distributed within the Housing Market Area.
d) the proposed time table for the Review of the Local Plan for Slough be noted. 

February 2015

(a) the Council formally agrees to carry out a Review of the Local Plan for Slough;
(b) the Council notify interested parties of the intention to review the Local Plan;
(b) the Council prepare a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI); and
(c) the Council prepare a Local Development Scheme (LDS) to set out the timetable for review.

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