Slough Story

The purpose of the Slough Story is to provide a broad overview and understanding of Slough as a place to live, work, learn in and visit.

Developing this document has involved revisiting national statistics, Slough’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), and examining the latest research available to come up with a summary of the key challenges and opportunities facing the town.

The needs of the town’s vulnerable and disadvantaged communities were also examined, particularly young people, older people, people with disabilities and those living on restricted incomes.

The Slough Story is regularly used by Councillors, council officers and partner agencies (including the Slough Wellbeing Board), to inform the development of a number of key strategic documents such as:

Slough infrastructure

We have some basic information for telecommunication companies looking to provide infrastructure development work in the borough.

There are gaps in the data where it does not exist or isn’t available. Other required information can be provided upon request if it exists and can be shared.