Slough's Child Poverty Strategy 2015-2018

Approximately 8,000 children in Slough live in poverty. Living on a low income affects the daily lives of children and their families. The experience of poverty in childhood can be highly damaging and its consequences can be felt long into adulthood.

The Slough Child Poverty Strategy 2015-2018 provides a strategic approach for tackling inequality and sets out our ambition to reduce the number of children living in poverty in Slough by 2018, through delivery of 5 key priorities:

  1. Improving access to employment and skills
  2. Supporting children and young people to lead healthier lifestyles
  3. Raising the aspirations of the next generation
  4. Maximising family incomes
  5. Ensuring Slough's environment supports children and young people to thrive

Through these we will look to ensure that Slough is a place where everyone has the chance to achieve their potential, regardless of their circumstances.