2019 European Parliamentary Elections

Results - Slough

Election of members of the European Parliament May 2019

Slough East Region - Slough

 Names of Party  Votes recorded
 Change UK - The Independence Group  816
 Conservative and Unionist Party  2,148
 Green Party  1,539
 Labour Party  8,917
 Liberal Democrats  3,412
 The Brexit Party  5,954
 The Socialist Party of Great Britain  46
 UK European Union Party (UKEUP)  188
 UK Independence Party (UKIP)  554
 McMahon, Jason Guy Spencer - Independent  40
 Round, David Victor - Independent  19
 Turberville, Michael Jeffrey - Independent  24

Rejected votes - 118

Turnout - 27.2%

On Thursday 23 May 2019, the European Parliamentary Elections took place to elect the Members of the European Parliament for the South East Region.

South East results

All the South East results from the European Parliamentary Elections.


From a Slough electorate of 87,275, there were 23,775 ballot papers verified making Slough's turnout 27.2%