Postal vote pilot

Slough is taking part in a postal vote pilot as part of the local elections in May.

Postal voters will be provided with additional information to ensure they are aware of the need to complete their vote themselves and where to report any concerns they may have.

The Returning Officer’s staff will be visiting a sample of postal voters across the borough (after the postal votes have been delivered) to:

  • check the voter has received their ballot paper
  • identify any problems with the voter receiving their ballot paper
  • verify the voter understands the ballot paper and postal voting statement are for that voter to complete in secret
  • verify the voter is aware of the Returning Officer’s details should the voter have any concerns about completing the ballot paper and postal voting statement.

The pilot scheme is being run alongside a new national campaign ‘Your vote is yours alone’, which aims to help prevent electoral fraud ahead of May’s local elections. It raises awareness of what constitutes unacceptable pressure to influence whether or how someone casts their vote. The campaign is being run by local authorities with the support of the Electoral Commission and Crimestoppers, the anonymous crime reporting charity.

You can report any concerns about possible electoral fraud to: