Young voters

Electors are entitled to vote as soon as they are 18 years old. It is therefore necessary to include the date of birth of all 17 year olds on the register who will turn 18 during the currency of the register. It is important these dates are accurate as young voters can vote from the date of their 18th birthday.

In an effort to introduce teenagers to voting a specially designed birthday card is being considered, which will be sent to all Slough's registered 17 year olds on their 18th birthday, which confirms they are eligible to vote.

Students are often away at college or university and therefore have two homes; their term time lodgings and their actual home address. Because of this, students are able to register at both addresses if they wish to do so. However they are obviously only allowed to vote once at an election and must decide in which area they wish to cast their vote.

As with all electors, young voters are encouraged to check the register to ensure they are shown, especially as it is most likely that someone else has completed the Household Enquiry form sent to the property. If they find their name is not included they can complete an Invitation to Register form, which is available from Electoral Services or they can register online.

Being registered is important because it proves where they live which is something they will need to do if applying for a student loan, a bank account, a mobile phone - in fact anything to do with finance - being registered makes it easier.

When an election is called all electors are sent a polling card which tells them their electoral number, where the polling station is located and its opening hours and how to vote. However the polling card is for information only - it is not necessary to show it in order to vote. Also it is not necessary to provide any identification at the polling station.

Electors who are unable to attend the polling station in person can apply to have an Absent Vote and have two choices - they can either apply to vote by post or they can appoint someone to vote on their behalf (a proxy).

How to get in touch with us

For further information and advice please contact:
Electoral Services
Slough Borough Council
St Martins Place
Bath Road

Helpline: 01753 875023 / 232 / 549


These pages have been produced in an effort to increase voter awareness and we would welcome your views. Thank you for your interest.