Free early education for 2 year olds

Funded Early Education - videos from parent champion in English and Farsi

Parent Champion video in English

You can go to the YouTube site to access the "Parent champion talks about her experience of accessing 2 year old funded early education" video with an interactive transcript - select the 3 horizontal dots icon and choose "Open transcript". Please note the video may autoplay.

We also have a video of the same parent champion talking in Farsi.

Transcript of video in English

Hi my name is Shugofa, I am living in Slough Borough Council. Couple of years ago I accessed for two-year-old funded early education for my two-year-old son. He start going to our local children's center for 15 hours per week. In this 15 hours he was learning his all early  education through to a play. The staff spotted his speech and language and developmental delay and later on he diagnosed with autism. That early diagnosis of autism really helped me and professionals to understand his needs and give him the right support. I think I would not be able to spot it by my own. He was aggressive towards his siblings, he was not socialized at all. This 15 hours changed my son. He became more independent and socialized, and his speech and language and development and behavior got better. At the moment he is in a mainstream primary school and he is doing brilliant.

This 15 hours not [just] changed my son life actually I was really benefited from this 15 hours. In this 15 hours I start going to college and learn Maths and English. And then I did the child care course. At the moment I'm doing volunteer work, and these activities really build up my confidence, and I really feel proud of my decision, and I recommend it to all the parents to be benefited from this chance. Thank you.

Parent Champion video in Farsi

You can also go to the YouTube site to access the "Parent champion talks about her experience of accessing 2 year old funded early education (Farsi)" video.

Transcript of video in Farsi

درخواست کردم  و این چانس را برای پسرم مساعد ساختم که بعد از سالگره دو سالهگی خود به کودکستان برود. و در انجا انهمه اموزش درسی را به طور ساعتیری بیاموزد.البته این ۱۵ ساعتبرای نشنومو فکری و. فزیکی واجتماعی پسرم رول مهم را بازی کرد . نتنها بالای پسرم البته در. زندهگی خودم این ۱۵ ساعت چانس را مساعت ساخت که من به کالج بروم و زبان انگلیسی را بیاموزم و بعضی کورسهای دیگر را بخوانم که در اینده یک وظیفه خوب داسته باشم . بفک من  این ۱۵ ساعت چانس به ان عده مادران است که جم بروند،سودای خانه بیاورند، صفایی خانه را بکنند و یا هم با عزیزان و اقارب ملاقات کنند . اگر شما هم میخواهید به مثل من از این چانس طلایی فایدمند شوید پس به بسیار. اسانی به نزدیکترین چلدرن سنتر  رفته فورمه را پر. کرده و. این چانس استفاده کنید  خدا حافظ