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Clinical waste

Household clinical waste

Items purchased for yourelf such as bandages and dresssings including plasters can be put on your black refuse bin.

Hypodermic needles, hazardous clinical waste including prescribed drugs and pharmaceutical goods should never be disposed of in your black refuse or red recycling bin.

If residents are treated in their home by a community nurse or a member of the NHS, any waste produced as a result is considered to be the healthcare professional's waste and it is their duty of care to arrange for its collection and/or disposal.

If this is not possible Slough Borough Council are obliged to collect the waste separately when asked to do so by the healthcare professional and can make a charge to cover the cost of collection.

How to register for a clinical waste collection

In order for a resident to receive a clinical waste collection, the healthcare professional must formally engage with Slough Borough Council.

A letter of authorisation stating that they are formally requesting collection of clinical waste from the property of the resident must be provided from either of the following:

  • doctor;
  • community nurse;
  • health visitor;
  • home care assistant;
  • hospital;
  • social services.

Address the letter to:

Slough Borough Council
Chalvey Transfer Station
White Hart Road
Berkshire SL1 2SF

On receipt of the letter, the resident will be contacted to confirm details and arrangements. A yellow clinical sacks will be provided by the clinical waste collection contractor with instructions. There may be a charge for this service.

Collections are usually made on a weekly basis on a Monday.