Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Berkshire specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) aims to promote good mental health, and to assess and treat mental health problems in children and young people up to the age of 18 years. We work in six local clinics as well as the Berkshire Adolescent Unit in Wokingham and other community settings.

The CAMHS team includes various professionals who are trained as child and family counsellors, specialist nurses, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, family support workers and psychotherapists.

BHFT Specialist CAMHS work with young people who are suffering significant difficulties due to mental illness or emotional and behavioural difficulties which have not responded to interventions from prevention and early intervention services such as school counselling and behaviour support, primary care or, where parenting support is indicated through an evidence based parenting course. As we are specialist service, the majority of children and young people referred to us will be receiving, or will have received support from early intervention services.

If a young person is presenting with mild or moderate difficulties (such as mild depression, moderate behavioural difficulties, school refusal, family relationship difficulties, enuresis, encopresis), there are a number of services based in and around Slough that can provide support. Please see the Slough Services Guide for a list of services.

How do I get referred to CAMHS?

You can be referred to CAMHS by your GP, health visitor, school nurse, SENCO, or social worker. They will complete a referral form detailing their and/or your concerns. The referral must be accompanied by the child/young person’s parent or guardian’s consent.

Professionals making a referral

1) To make an urgent referral

If you are concerned that a young person is presenting difficulties that require urgent attention (such as psychosis, symptoms of severe depression, high risk of suicide, a severe eating disorder or severe, unexplained deterioration in emotional state and behaviour at home and school, not thought to be due to drugs, alcohol or a physical illness), please complete a CAMHS referral form (found on the CAMHS website) and send to CAMHS CPE. Please indicate the level of urgency on the referral form and follow up the referral with a phone call to CAMHS CPE (0300 365 0300) to discuss the URGENT referral; CAMHS CPE to be able to provide guidance as to what to do next.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
CPE Office
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2nd Floor
45-47 Peach Street
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Tel: 0300 365 0300
Fax: 0300 365 0200

2) To refer a young person with severe and/or enduring difficulties

If a young person is presenting with severe and/or enduring difficulties (such as moderate/severe depression, severe behavioural difficulties, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, OCD or an eating disorder), make a referral to specialist CAMHS by completing the CAMHS referral form. Please refer to the Access criteria for further guidance.

We ask referrers to give as much information as possible about the exact nature of the child’s experienced difficulties using the CAMHS referral form (found on the CAMHS website). Please include family circumstances, social and educational functioning and what interventions have already been tried. Referrals received without the required information may delay the assessment while we obtain the information.

It is important that referrals are discussed with the family in advance, and with the young person if they are 16 or over, and consent gained.

More information/contact us

You can find out more or contact us on the CAMHS website.