Damaged, stolen or missing bins

Communal bins

Wheelie bins

If your grey refuse, red recycling or green garden waste bin is damaged, stolen or is missing, you can:

The standard bins issued to residents are:

180L and 240l grey wheelie binsRequest a larger grey refuse bin

If your grey bin is smaller than your 240 litre red bin and you are a family of six or more living at the same property, you can:

You will need to provide proof of the number of occupants living at the address. We would need recent documents such as bank statements, bills, child benefit letters for each individual. Please have these document ready to upload in the form.

  • 180 litre grey refuse bin is £40.
  • 240 litre grey refuse bin is £48.

Red recycling bin

Please recycle as much as you can. Check what goes in your red bin. We will collect up to two red bins, from one property, on your recycling collection day. You can:

Green garden waste bin 

Please note we collect the number of green bins for which a subscription has been paid. If you need an additional garden waste subscription and a green bin to go with it please go to our garden waste page.

Contact Environmental Services

How to contact the Environmental Services Team