What good care looks like

General considerations

  • Who runs the home?
  • Can you ask for a contact number and to meet the person who runs the home?
  • What rules or regulations are there for residents?
  • Is there a written agreement, contract, terms and conditions - including a fees policy?
  • What do fees include/exclude?
  • Are residents involved in key decisions in the home such as job descriptions for staff, recruitment of staff, décor and furniture in the home?
  • Can you keep your room if you go on holiday or into hospital?
  • Does the home have a satisfactory complaints procedure?
  • What is the home’s policy concerning smoking or pets
  • Do you like the home, manager, staff and other residents?
  • Finally, and most importantly, would you like to live there?

If you have sufficient assets/funds you would be expected to meet the costs. This is called self-funding. You can ask the council for a financial assessment if you think the council should help towards your costs. This involves looking at your income, including most benefits and pensions, and your capital. This includes your savings, investments and the value of any property you own.

Age UK have useful factsheets to assist people. These are available on the Age UK website.