What good care looks like

Information to help you choose care in your own home

Providers of care in the home, often called domiciliary care, are registered with your local authority and with CQC.

In Slough we have a website called the “CM200 Quality Web portal” which rates providers on things that people have told us are important.

These are:

  • care worker punctuality
  • length of stay
  • care worker continuity
  • care workers who speak your language
  • missed calls.

Choosing care in your own home

Before you begin to look for a provider spend a bit of time considering what you want. You need to be sure that you will get a high quality service with trained staff who can definitely provide the exact care that you need. Be very specific about your requirements and make some notes so that you are clear about what you are asking for.

The kind of support you need will of course vary from person to person and you will find many provider agencies have their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Try to think ahead and consider how your care needs may develop over time and whether the provider in question will be able to cope with your needs long term.

How do you want to be supported?

  • Do you want a support/care worker or a personal assistant (PA)?
  • Will you employ them through an agency or directly?

There are important differences between how these work so make sure you think about what’s best for you.