What good care looks like


You may want to consider:

  • Is the home in an area where you would choose to live?
  • Are local amenities accessible?
  • Is it convenient for friends and family to visit? 
  • Is there public transport, car parking etc?

A small home may appear more friendly and intimate but make sure the business is sound and can maintain the standards you expect. Likewise a large home may appear luxurious, but does the quality of care match up to its appearance?

Remember you are looking for a home not a two-week holiday.

You may wish to make an appointment to visit. You may visit unannounced in the hope of seeing ‘the real picture’, for example at a meal time, but its also true that the staff/proprietor won’t have the time to give you the attention you require.

You may wish to take someone with you who knows you well so you can discuss your impressions with them afterwards. You may want to compile a checklist of the questions you want to ask especially if you are visiting a number of homes in a short period.