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Housing options appraisal

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Housing options appraisal

Slough Borough Council is undertaking a ‘housing options appraisal’. This means we are looking at how we can provide more affordable housing in the borough. Importantly the council’s cabinet has decided that whole stock transfer is not one of the options to be considered.

We are doing this work because:

  • we are committed to providing new homes to meet the needs of local people, including vulnerable groups
  • we are proposing to spend £56 million over the next five years on new homes for local people
  • the government’s Right to Buy policies will reduce the number of council homes available for local people to rent.

The objectives of the options appraisal are:

  • delivering new and affordable housing
  • sustaining the existing council housing stock
  • meeting Slough’s housing need
  • improving our offer for special needs and vulnerable groups
  • providing a way forward that is achievable.

So far we have done the following work:

  • planned for the next 30 years of housing provision
  • assessed future costs by:
    • carrying out a stock condition survey
    • establishing the future cost of maintaining and investing in the council’s housing stock
    • establishing how much money is needed to do this (per home) over the next 30 years.

However, we don’t know:

  • what the future of the Right to Buy policies will be
  • how rents will be calculated and set beyond 2020
  • how Slough will be affected by the government plans to force the sale of higher value properties as they become empty
  • the impact of ending ‘lifetime’ tenancies for new tenants
  • the impact of welfare reform.

We are committed to informing and engaging with our tenants and leaseholders during the appraisal.