Private tenants service request form

Please note:

You must have contacted your landlord about the disrepair before contacting us, as we will contact them about repairs required.

The housing regulation team work with landlords and tenants to rectify disrepair issues in your home.

We have no input into the waiting lists for council housing.

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Are you

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If you are not the tenant please supply contact details for the tenant.

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Is the property
Please answer the following questions about the householder or tenants:
Date moved into property *
Date moved into property
Is there a tenancy agreement? *
Is there a tenancy agreement?
Are any amenities or services shared? (gas/electric/water) *
Are any amenities or services shared? (gas/electric/water)
Please confirm that you/they contacted the landlord about the issues in the property *
Date landlord first contacted *
Date landlord first contacted


Upload photos

You can attach up to 3 photos of the problem/defect. Each file must be no more than 1MB. Click "Add" to add more.
After you press submit you will see a confirmation screen with a reference number - please keep a note of this for your records. If this screen doesn't appear, check that you have filled in all the fields correctly.
A copy of the form will be sent to your email address, if you supplied one. You will also be given the option to print a copy of the form after you have pressed submit.
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