Census 2021

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Visits to households yet to fill their Census 2021

Office for National Statistics field officers will visit households who have yet to fill their Census 2021 information. They will be fully Covid-19 compliant and will display photo ID. They:

  • will not go into a home
  • will not ask for money or bank details
  • will not knock before 9am or after 8pm.

If you are still not sure you can verify the officer by calling 0800 141 2021.

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The 2021 census took place on Sunday 21 March, 2021. The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. It's a unique source of information for all kinds of organisations, including local government, charities, and businesses.

Census-based local authority estimates will be available in March 2022.

The final outputs from the census are predicted to be available in March 2023. 

Further information about the census is available on the Census 2021 website. 

Why the census matters

Like all local authorities in England and Wales, we rely on census population statistics to identify local needs for public services. Central government funding relates to how many people the census shows live in our area and what their needs are.

It needs to include everyone, everywhere, that's why everyone is asked to take part.

We are working closely with our local partners and colleagues from the ONS to make sure a high response rate is secured for the 2021 Census in Slough.

We have also been proactive and provided further data on the town’s population for use by the ONS as they quality assure the final census results for the area.

Census information can be mapped in 'output areas', which typically contain around 309 people. This is small enough that the council and other bodies can identify, for example:

  • locations with a high proportion of children
  • areas of high unemployment
  • areas with high or low house ownership.


No one can identify you in the census statistics the ONS publishes. The data will contain none of your personal information.

Census records are kept confidential for 100 years before being made available to future generations.

All responses are anonymised and your personal census information is not shared with any other government department, including the Home Office. Your personal responses are not shared with local councils. It is illegal for census workers to sell or share census data.

What did the 2011 census reveal about Slough?

Some of the key findings included: 

  • the total usual resident population in Slough on Census day 2011 was 140,200 persons. This was up 16.3% on the 2001 Census, and 6.9% higher than the previous mid-2010 population estimate
  • the total number of households (i.e. containing at least one person) on Census day was 50,800 with a calculated average household size of 2.76 persons
  • the 2011 Census response rate for Slough was 92.1% for individuals.