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Heathrow Expansion Consultation 2

The expansion of Heathrow Airport is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). Permission to build the runway and other airport-related facilities will be granted via a Development Consent Order (DCO) in accordance with the Planning Act 2008.

Airport Expansion Consultation 2, which is the formal process for the DCO process, started on 18 June 2019 and lasts until 13 September 2019. This is part of the ‘Preliminary Environmental Information Report’ (PEIR) which will contain the elements listed below.

  • Landscape / visual amenity / historic environment.
  • Biodiversity / water/ land quality / water environment.
  • Noise / health / waste / lighting.
  • Transport network / traffic / congestion / air quality.
  • Community / social-economics.

Over the last 12-18 months Slough Borough Council has been working with Heathrow Airports Limited ( HAL) regarding their preferred Masterplan. Airport Expansion Consultation 2 will include the results of this work. However the Masterplan at this moment does not include all the benefits Slough Borough Council is wanting to achieve as part of the expansion.

Listed below are some of the top priorities to which SBC is seeking HAL commitment, prior to the DCO application being submitted.

  • Addition of bus lanes on the A4 and A3044.
  • Improved access to the airport for workers including increasing the incentive to walk or cycle for those living close to the airport.
  • Maximising the range of jobs open to Slough residents – whether these are in surrounding supply chain businesses, hotels / conference facilities or at Heathrow Airports Limited (HAL) itself as pilots, engineers and technology specialist.
  • Managing green space around Colnbrook and Poyle and making improvements to the Colne Valley Park.
  • Commitment to reduce the risk of flooding for all property in Colnbrook and Poyle, including the creation of additional flood storage if necessary.
  • Creation of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) focusing on A4 and A3044 and provision of dedicated Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) corridors, public transport and shuttle services.
  • Improving how industrial estates work for the area, ensuring alternatives to the use of HGVs are fully considered.
  • HAL to mitigate night time noise impacts for Slough residents. Day time noise levels to be no higher than current Government guidance (63 dB LAeq) for 16 hours a day. Night time noise levels at 40 dB in line with World Health Organisation guidance, to ensure residents in affected areas are offered a full sound insulation package.

The HAL preferred Masterplan will take account of the comments from this consultation with a view to “fixing” the design before the end 2019.

For further information on the expansion plans, visit the Heathrow Expansion website