Property licensing

Application Process


Your property may be inspected before the licence is issued in order to carry out pre-licensing checks and if we need clarification on any of the information contained within the form.

Once the licence has been issued, your property will also be inspected:

  • at least once during the term of the licence and
  • if the Housing Regulation Team have received a Service Request from your tenant reporting disrepair issues.

Processing and issuing licences

We aim to process your application within 3 months, however this may not always be possible. We will contact you to let you know if there is going to be a significant delay.

Generally the licences are issued for 5 years. However, if we have concerns about an individual (Licence Holder) then we have the option of reducing the term of the licence. The following (including other factors) can be taken into consideration when determining the term of the licence:

  • there is a previous history of non-compliance
  • deemed not fit and proper to be either the licence holder or manage the property
  • management arrangements are not efficient
  • planning contraventions
  • failure to apply for planning.

Draft copy of the licence

After you apply you will receive a draft copy of the licence. Your comments on the proposal are invited and any representations must be received before the date stated on the cover letter sent with your draft and will be considered prior to the issue of a licence.

Make a comment or a representation about a property license application. Select ‘Respond to a request’ and use the licence reference and PIN provided on the cover letter sent with your draft copy of the licence.

About your licence number

You licence number is a 12 digit reference number that starts with ‘SBC’ and ends in ‘1’. 

You can find it:

  • via the online licensing portal. You will need to log onto the system and select ‘Manage an existing application’
  • on the cover letter sent with your draft/final licence
  • on the actual draft/final licence itself.

If you are using it online, you will need to enter the whole reference, ensuring you include the hyphens and make sure that there are no gaps.

Sale of property and change of name

Licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Please send an email to the Housing Regulation Team on advising them of the sale of the building or change of name.

The licence will need to be revoked and you will be sent a Revocation Notice in the post. The new owner will need to make a new application for a property licence and pay the relevant fee.