Green bin collections resume

Slough Borough Council is reminding residents that the green bin collections will be resuming the week beginning Monday 21 March.

Around 50% of collection days have changed so residents are asked to check the “find bin collection days directory” to recheck their collection day. 

 Your green bin is for your garden waste only. No carrier bags or bin liners. Green waste is waste produced from your garden for example grass cuttings, hedge and shrub trimmings, small branches and twigs, flowers, small plants, and weeds.

If you don’t already have a green bin, they are available free of charge and collected fortnightly. Contact the Environmental Services team to register for the scheme and receive your green garden waste recycling bin - please ensure you include the full address of the property. A green bin will then be delivered to your property. You will receive only one green bin per household. 

The garden waste is taken to the household waste recycling centre where it is transferred to composting facilities in Bracknell, to produce high-quality compost products.

Published: 17 March 2022