Two bin men hit by cars

Published: 28 February 2018

Slough Borough Council is urging drivers to be extra vigilant when driving around bin collections after two bin men were run over in one week.

In the first incident – which took place on Tuesday 13 February – the bin man was guiding a reversing bin lorry when a vehicle, which had been waiting, drove into him. The bin man was taken to hospital with minor injuries and is now back at work.

In the second incident – on Friday 16 February – a bin man in Langley was returning a bin to its address when a vehicle with part of its windscreen obscured by frost and travelling at some speed, hit him.

The bin man suffered severe bruising and an injury to his lower leg, remains unable to walk on the affected leg and is expected to be off work for around six to eight weeks.

Both incidents were captured on the cctv cameras mounted on the new fleet and have been reported to the police.

Councillor Rob Anderson, lead member for the environment and leisure, said: “There are plenty of jokes about the poor driving sometimes seen in our borough but this is not only a Slough problem.

“Across the country there has been incidents of bin men suffering from others’ lack of care and attention; but two bin men knocked down in Slough in just one week is two too many.

“Not only could this have been much worse and is a personal trauma for the men involved, but each incident means a whole crew is taken off the road, sometimes for several hours, which has a significant impact on our collections, meaning over-running timetables, other crews rushing and missed bins.”

He added: “I would urge drivers to take care, especially around bin collection vehicles, but also in general; don’t do stupid illegal overtaking manoeuvres just because you are in a rush, clear your windscreen properly in cold weather, don’t drive too quickly and pay attention to what is happening around you.

“The actions of these drivers put the lives of two of our bin men at risk and therefore other road users as well and neither is acceptable.”

The bin men have been offered counselling through the council’s employee assistance programme and support from their managers and colleagues.