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The 2019 list of free bike surgeries on Slough trading estate has been published. See the events and training page for more details.

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Transport for Slough has successfully received funding from the Department for Transport’s ‘Access Fund for Sustainable Travel’.

This has now led to a programme of initiatives brought together to form Slough’s ‘Better by…’ campaign, to get workplaces, schools and the wider communities to use smarter forms of travel.

Initiatives we offer

  • One-to-one cycle training and scooter training for children and adults across the borough.
  • Group cycle rides on leisure and commuter routes around the borough.
  • Bike surgeries - free bicycle checks, minor repairs and maintenance advice for members of the public, school and employees.
  • Journey planning for jobseekers, youths seeking education and training opportunities for employees and residents.
  • Cycling and walking competitions and competitive events.
  • Travel planning advice for schools and businesses.
  • Road safety awareness and advice.
  • Advising businesses on implementing cycle to work schemes and achieving travel plan targets.
  • Providing matched funding to businesses to implement sustainable transport facilities such as cycle parking, shower facilities etc.
  • Access to and promotion of the Cycle Hire Slough scheme.

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Advice for businesses / Advice for schools / Advice for communities  

Please get in touch with the Better by... team for more information:

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