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Transport for Slough has successfully bid for £1.5million funding from the Department for Transport’s ‘Access Fund for Sustainable Travel’.

This has now formed a programme of initiatives brought together to form Slough’s ‘Better by…’ campaign, to get workplaces, schools and the wider community to use smarter forms of travel, including public transport, cycling and walking. This will help boost the local economy by enhancing access to jobs, skills, training and education and improve the health and wellbeing of Slough residents.

Building on the legacy of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), which improved Slough’s connectivity and network efficiency, and therefore travel choices for 25,000 employees and 15,000 pupils, the Better by project looks to maintain and build on the achievements of the LSTF through four key objectives to be achieved in 2017-20 and beyond:

  • increase cycling and walking in Slough to improve personal health
  • up-skill the Slough workforce by enhancing access to local jobs and training
  • encourage a switch from car use to sustainable travel for work and school trips to help offset the effects of road traffic in Slough
  • promote sustainable travel opportunities offered by the Local Growth Fund and other capital schemes in Slough.

Slough’s Better by team is rolling out a number of sustainable travel events across the borough at key locations and within schools and businesses. This includes community engagement events and awareness campaigns:

  • one-to-one cycle training and scooter training for children and adults across the borough
  • group cycle rides on leisure and commuter routes around the borough
  • bike surgeries - free bicycle checks, minor repairs and maintenance advice for members of the public, school and employees
  • journey planning for jobseekers, youths seeking education and training opportunities for employees and residents
  • cycling and walking competitions and competitive events
  • travel planning advice for schools and businesses
  • targeted road safety awareness and advice
  • promoting mode-shift to car sharing, passenger transport and cycling and walking
  • advising businesses on implementing cycle to work schemes and achieving travel plan targets
  • providing matched funding to businesses to implement sustainable transport facilities such as cycle parking, shower facilities etc
  • access to and promotion of the Cycle Hire Slough scheme
  • production and distribution of information on our activities, infrastructure, routes and events
  • wayfinding totems to advise members of the public and highlight key attractions in Slough.

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved and learn about how sustainable travel can improve your health, reduce your commuting time, save you money and benefit the environment.

Please get in touch with the Better by team for more information: