East to West A4 Cycle Lane

Burnham Lane, Slough to Huntercombe Lane, Taplow

We would like your views on proposed plans for a new cycle route along the north side of the A4 between Burnham Lane and the Huntercombe Lane crossroads.

The cycle route will provide a safer route for commuter and leisure cyclists travelling between Slough and Taplow - we are working with Buckinghamshire County Council on this project.

In Slough, the cycle route will run along the north side of the A4, on the pavement which is wide enough to be shared between cyclists and pedestrians. The new route will connect into other cycle routes in the area such as the A4 cycle route which runs from the town centre, along the A4 to the Bath Road Retail Park.

The following are proposed improvements to the A4 (north side):

  • better crossing points across side roads for pedestrians and cyclists i.e. low kerbs and tactile paving
  • wider traffic islands at Burnham Lane and Goldsworthy Way to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians to wait while crossing the road
  • a short section of ‘one way’ traffic on the service road near Kelpatrick Road - the cycle route will be able to go both ways on this service road
  • toucan crossings on Station Road.


Have your say

  • Attend the drop in sessions at:
    • Cippenham Library on 28 June between 11am and 5pm
    • Priory School on 29 June between 4 and 7 pm or
    • Priory School on 30 June between 5 and 7.30 pm
  • Email: tfs@slough.gov.uk
  • Complete the online questionnaire.

The consultation ends on Saturday 23 July, 2016.