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Smarter travel for schools

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Slough Borough Council’s ‘Better by…’ team will help change the way people choose to travel to your school, making walking, cycling and public transport a real choice.

Our objectives are to:

  • encourage parents and staff to switch from single occupancy car use to more sustainable modes to reduce congestion around the school site
  • increase cycling and walking to school to improve personal health and wellbeing of pupils, parents and staff
  • provide opportunities for learning to ride a bike and road safety awareness
  • promote sustainable travel opportunities offered by grant funding and other initiatives available for schools in Slough.

Why should schools sign up?

  • Slough Borough Council’s vision for schools and young people is to promote active, safer and responsible travel that will remain with young people through adult life.
  • Provide access to the right information and services to help them make appropriate choices and travel confidently.
  • Encourage school staff and pupils to commit to making your local environment cleaner and safer by reducing car use in your neighbourhood.

See more on the support available

What is a school travel plan?

We can work with schools to tackle congestion on the school run. Developing a school travel plan (STP) will help identify the issues that prevent the take up of sustainable modes (cycling and walking).

A  travel plan lists actions that a school agrees and commits to run as part of the whole school. This is an opportunity to bring the school community together on common issues.

Advantages to a school travel plan:

  • less congestion and pollution around the school site
  • improved safety outside the school gate
  • healthier, more active pupils.

See more on the 'how to prepare a school travel plan' page.

Recognition of what you are doing well

Not only are we able to offer incentives to change travel behaviour, we can also provide rewards for those already walking or cycling.

If you would like to develop a school travel plan, Slough Borough Council’s Better By team can help with all the information, resources and support you need.

Contact our Better by... Sustainable Transport Officer –