Slough moves into covid tier 2

The change will come into force at 00:01 Saturday 24 October. Find out more details about Slough going into tier 2 and what it means.

Please go to our coronavirus pages for the latest guidance, how services are affected, and what help is available.

Smarter travel for Slough businesses

Better by logo

Slough Borough Council’s ‘Better by...’ team will help change the way people choose to travel to your workplace, making walking, cycling and public transport a real choice.

Our objectives are to:

  • encourage a switch from single occupancy car use to more sustainable modes to reduce congestion 
  • increase cycling and walking in Slough to improve personal health
  • enhance access to jobs and training
  • promote sustainable travel opportunities offered by grant funding and other capital schemes in Slough businesses. 

UCB staff receive cycle training

Why should businesses sign up?

  • Active travel improves the health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Businesses can save money on mileage and cost of parking.
  • Alleviate car parking pressure.
  • Improve corporate image by showing a commitment to improving the environment by reducing car travel to their site.
  • Contribute towards any environmental awards or tools.

UCB staff receive cycle training (pictured right).

What support is available?

  • Workplace travel survey to understand your employee travel behaviour and what initiatives they would be interested in.
  • Travel events to encourage, promote and reward sustainable travel.
  • Bespoke travel information leaflets for your site.
  • Love to Ride campaigns throughout the year to get your employees involved with cycle challenges.
  • Grant funding – for cycling, walking and car share facilities
  • One-to-one cycle training
  • Corporate Slough Cycle Hire

Get a bespoke travel map for your website

The map is created to help visitors and new starters get to/from your site and help employees evaluate their transport options. Get in touch to get a map made for your site.

Could your workplace be eligible for Sustainable Grant Funding?

The Better by… team is offering up to £5,000 match grant funding for initiatives to get Slough employees travelling more sustainably. This includes, but is not limited to, cycle training for employees, cycle parking and equipment, car share bays, EV charging points, cycle events and pool bikes.

Supporting sustainable access to jobs and training

In addition to working directly with workplaces, we are also targeting specific areas and will be working closely with larger employers to continue to build on a programme of options to help improve the skills of the local community. This includes improving travel options and providing individuals with the skills to manage their journeys to access new job opportunities.

More information

Download our sustainable travel toolkit: Workplace toolkit

Contact the Better by... team: