Conservation area consent

The historic areas in Slough are protected as conservation areas. In a conservation area, demolition is subject to Council planning control.

If you live in a conservation area, you will require conservation area consent to:

  • demolish a building with a volume of greater than 115 cubic metres
  • demolish a wall, fence, gate or railing over 1 metre in height next to a highway (including a public footpath or bridleway) or public open space; or over 2 metres in height elsewhere
  • in some cases Conservation Area Consent is needed to demolish a substantial part of a building where it would leave a cleared site.

Is my property in a conservation area?

The Local Plan for Slough identifies 5 conservation areas in Slough (Appendix 4). See Local Development Documents.

 The Conservation areas are:

  • Colnbrook
  • St. Bernard's School
  • St. Mary's Church (Langley)
  • Sussex Place/Clifton Road
  • Upton Park/Upton Village

Applications for permission

Any application for planning permission in the conservation areas are more rigorously assessed to consider whether proposals preserve or enhance the special character or appearance of the conservation area.

Conservation areas often include individually listed buildings for which normal listed building controls apply to protect both the interior and exterior.

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