Search, track and comment on planning applications

Application searches

You can search for current and past planning applications, planning decision documents and information on enforcement notices using one of the following options.

Please note these records only go back to 1980.

Comment on or object to a current application

Members of the public can express their views on all planning applications received by us, Slough Borough Council.

After viewing a planning application, you may decide you wish to submit written comments about the proposal to the council. This is called a “written representation”. This representation may show you support the plans, or object to them. Relevant issues raised in these representations will be taken into account when the outcome of the application is decided.

Guidance on what to include in a written representation can be found in Constitution 5.2 - Code of Conduct for councillors and officers in relation to planning and licensing matters (PDF).

Please make sure your representation:

  • is received by the planning team before the end of the consultation period
  • clearly states your name and your correspondence address
  • clearly states the reference number of the application
  • clearly states whether you support or object to the proposed development, and the reasons for this.

Please note by law, all representations received by the planning department are available for the public to view. You should not include any personal information in your representation.

Please note that all comments will be published (including your name and address but not your contact details) and cannot be treated as confidential.

If you make a comment, we will not inform you of the outcome of the application but you can track it using our online system.

Please note we are not able to respond to specific points raised in your representation.

If you have any questions about searching, tracking, or commenting on an application, please contact us for advice.

Contact the planning team

Contact the planning team