Slough Mass Rapid Transit Phase 1


The A4 forms the spine of a 12km strategic public transport corridor that links Maidenhead, Slough, and Heathrow.

The Slough Mass Rapid Transit (SMaRT) scheme aims to improve this corridor by carrying out road widening in order to facilitate dedicated bus lanes along the A4.

By widening the A4 at key points, and by utilising service roads as bus lanes, SMaRT aims to provide a bus service that is quicker, more frequent, and more reliable. In addition, by reducing congestion along this strategic route, SMaRT also aims to improve the journeys of the 20,000 vehicles that use the A4 Bath Road every day.

Our vision for SMaRT is that of a scheme which will provide a high quality, fast and reliable public transport service along the A4 to link Slough Trading Estate, the town centre and the east of the borough, with the potential to provide a direct mass rapid transit connection to Heathrow.

SMaRT Phase 1 extends from Slough Trading Estate to Slough railway station, while Phase 2 would extend SMaRT eastwards to the borough boundary and Heathrow.