Arbour Park Stadium

Footwear requirements

Permitted footwear

Image Description
Artificial Ground permitted footwear Artificial Ground (AG)
Specifically designed for extra abrasion, these boots usually feature more numerous and densely concentrated studs that vary in height and may be hollowed out.
Firm Ground permitted footwear Firm Ground (FG)
Sole plates feature moulded studs which are evenly dispersed across the foot to offer enhanced traction and comfort.
Hard ground permitted footwear Hard Ground (HG)
Sole plates utilise a harder Thermoplastic polyurethanes compound for enhanced durability and typically feature multiple slightly shorter, evenly dispersed studs for optimal pressure distribution.
Turf Trainer permitted footwear Turf Trainer (TF)
Only when dry
Otherwise known as Astros they feature a solid rubber outsole with numerous, small multidirectional lugs spread across the sole, which offer limited grip in wet conditions.

Forbidden footwear

Image Description
Soft Ground forbidden footwear Soft Ground (SG)
Tear the surface
Sole features removable, replaceable screw-in-studs and typically come in a six-stud configuration, with four at the forefoot and two at the heel.
Soft Ground Pro forbidden footwear Soft Ground Pro (SGP)
Tear the surface
Also known as Hybrid or Mixed Stud, the sole plate comprises of a combination of conical screw-in studs and moulded studs, which are most commonly bladed.
Blades forbidden footwear Blades
Can cause injury
Sole plates feature multiple, straight, slightly shorter, evenly dispersed studs that can restrict movement and turning which could cause injury.
Flat sole forbidden footwear Flat Sole (Indoor)
No grip and flatten surface
Sole made up of non-marking materials such as moulded gum rubber, and feature pivot points, flex groves and herringbone patterns.